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Chimney Sweep Devon Chimney sweeps are no longer those underfed, dirty waifs from 18th Century workhouses, but professionals providing an important service to those with chimneys. Chimney Sweeps Devon provide a vital service by cleaning soot and ash build-ups from chimneys, preventing the serious risk of chimney fires. If you've got a chimney that's never been cleaned, you just might need a chimney sweep today.

Think you could benefit from a clean chimney but not sure where to go to find a chimney sweep? Before you attempt a dangerous DIY sweeping job, let us help you source the best chimney sweep services at the lowest prices. With our access to a network of home improvement specialists, we can put you in touch with the right team of professionals to meet your Devon chimney sweeping needs.

Despite the old fashioned term, professional chimney sweeps have embraced the 21st Century, making use of modern technology to provide a safe and effective service that includes more than just simple ash removal, providing vital services to keep your chimney in good repair. Don't underestimate the health and safety risks of a clogged chimney. There's no need to put you and your family at risk of injury due to chimney fire.

Hazards of a Dirty Chimney: Since hearths are most frequently used in winter when doors and windows are closed, a clogged chimney presents the very real risk of carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide poisoning. These gases are colourless and odourless making them silent killers. Regularly cleaning your chimney eliminates the risk of gas build-up. A clogged chimney presents a fire hazard especially if you're burning wood. Creosote, a flammable gummy substance, can coat the inside of the chimney and could ignite if these deposits are not regularly cleaned.

Cleaning and Other Services: Professional Devon chimney sweeps don't only clean your chimney, but also provide specialised maintenance such as repairing damaged flues and leaks, fixing minor structural defects as well as installing and integrating new or different stove and boiler systems. Chimney sweeps are also able to safely and humanely remove animals trapped in chimneys, from pesky squirrels and rats to beloved pets.

Risks of DIY: DIY chimney sweeping can be incredibly dangerous. Professional chimney sweeps are trained to remove harmful, flammable residues and gases without causing injury to themselves or damage to the structure. Some chimneys are not easy to navigate either, which could result in an embarrassing fire department rescue should you get stuck half way up your chimney. Chimney sweeping Devon is best left to the professionals.

Devon Chimney Sweep Quotes Worried about the risk of a chimney fire? Suspect you might be breathing in noxious fumes? Take a minute to fill in our online form with a few details about your chimney sweeping needs and we'll provide you with a free, no obligation quote today. Don't live in fear of what might be lurking up your chimney. We'll help you find the best chimney sweep Devon services at the lowest prices, so you can enjoy that roaring hearth.

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